Verify Aadhar Number {How to Verify Aadhar Number Online}*

Verify Aadhar Number: At present, more than 1.1 Billion people have enrolled for the Aadhar Card. The government of India is making Aadhar as all-in-one Identity that you can use for handling various services. All the data of Aadhar card is maintained in Central Database. The main reason to verify Aadhar Number is that to remove duplicate entries from the database. Also, In order to have better security of your Aadhar Card, you must Verify Aadhar Number. Here, we will provide you step by step procedure to Verify Aadhar Number.

Using your Aadhar card, you will be able to get various kind of Benefits associated with it. You can also use your Aadhar Card for various purposes related to banks, hospitals, business, ticket booking, etc. Besides these benefits, Aadhar Card can be used at numerous places to deal with any situation.

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Verify Aadhar Number

As you have got your Aadhar Card, you must verify it. You will be going to use your Aadhar Card at a numerous number of places. Verification Process of your Aadhar Card is most important not only for you but also for UIDAI. As you will verify Aadhar Number, you will have two advantages as follows:

1. As soon as you verify your Aadhar Number, you will be verified in the UIDAI’s central database that you are the valid person behind your Aadhar Card.

2. By doing verification, UIDAI will be able to detect various Fake or Duplicate Aadhar Card.

So Verify your Aadhar Card and have better security. Now I will provide you step by step procedure by which you will be able to Verify Aadhar Number.

How can you verify your Aadhar Card Number?

Follow simple steps given below to verify your Aadhar Number:

1. First of all, visit the government’s official website associated with UIDAI. For this, click on this link.

2. Now, you will be able to view section which displays Aadhar Online Services.

3. Now Click on the link “Verify Aadhar Number” provided in the Aadhar Services.

Verify Aadhar Number

Verify Aadhar Number

4. As soon as you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Resident UIDAI’s portal.

5. Then you have to enter your 12-digit Unique Identification Number also known as Aadhar Number.

6. Now enter the security code as shown in the image and finally click on the “verify”.

7. As soon as you will do this, you will be able to view the success message on your screen.

Benefits associated with Aadhar Card

Some of the important benefits associated with your Aadhar Card are as follows:

1. Jan Dhan Yojna: If you want to open your Account with zero balance, you need to provide your Aadhar Card details. Besides this, as you Verify Aadhar Number, you will be able to gain more security.

2. Get Passport Quickly: Using your Aadhar Card as a Proof of Identity for the Passport Application, you will be able to get your Passport within 10 days. Also, Police verification process will be done later, which consumes some more time.

3. Monthly Pension: In some of the states, it is required to submit details of the Aadhar card to receive Monthly Pension. This action was introduced as some of the fraud cases were registered against the beneficiaries who were requesting pension.

4. Provident Fund: The person who has linked the Aadhar Number with Provident Fund, will only be provided money associated with the fund.

5. SEBI: In order to invest in Security and Exchange Board of India, Aadhar card is used as an Identity Proof.

6. Open Bank Account Easily: If you want to open a new Bank Account, Aadhar Card is used as an Identity Prof. You just require Aadhar Card to open Account in Bank, no other proofs are required.

In order to have the better security to your Aadhar Card, you must Verify Aadhar Number.

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