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Aadhar Card for Child and Kids: Are you looking to Apply for Aadhar card for Child? Then you have reached the right place. Here we will provide you complete information about Aadhar card for Child and Kids.

Aadhar is a Unique Identification Number that is provided to each and every citizen of India based on their Biometric and Demographic data. Aadhar card can be used as proof of address as well as proof of Identity. The Government of India is providing various benefits to all the people who have Aadhar card. Apart from this, the government is trying to make Aadhar as one stop solution for all of your daily activities.

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Aadhar Card for Child and Kids

Aadhar Card for Child

Aadhar Card for Child

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Until now, more than 1 Billion people have enrolled for the Aadhar card.  Aadhar card can be availed by anyone, without any restriction of age and sex. All the citizens can fill the Aadhar Card Application form and provide their Biometric data to the Aadhar card agent at Aadhar center to apply for the Aadhar card. Within 2 months, the Aadhar card is sent to applicant’s registered address.

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Documents required for Aadhar card for Child

  • Birth Certificate of the child.
  • All Aadhar card details of Child’s parent.
  • Proof of Address as well as Proof of Identity of child’s parent.

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Process to Get Aadhar Card for Child

  • All the parents can acquire the Aadhar card of their child if he/ she is 1 year old.
  • For all the children below 5 years, Biometric Data is not considered and is not recorded.
  • For all the children above 5 years, Biometric data is collected by the agent and is stored in the database.
  • Later on, the child has to again provide the Biometric Data to the Aadhar card representative, once he/she has become 15 years of age.
  • This will be the Final Data collected from the child and all the data will be linked with the Aadhar card.
  • If the Parent’s doesn’t possess an Aadhar card while applying for Aadhar card of their Children, they have to first apply for their Aadhar card.

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Process to apply for Aadhar card for child online registration

  1. After collecting all the necessary documents that are required for Aadhar card, all the candidates should apply for the Aadhar card. First of all download the Application form from the UIDAI’s website.
  1. Then you have to fill all the required details of the form and attach all the necessary documents.
  2. After which applicant have to visit the Nearest Aadhar card Centre in their area.

To know about nearest Aadhar card Centre, click here

Enter all the details and click on “Search”.

  1. Now, all the documents of the Child will be verified.
  2. If the Child is more than 5 years of age, then his/her Biometric Data will be collected.

Within a span of 2 months, Aadhar Card will be delivered via a post on the Applicant’s registered Address.

We hope that you got, all the Essential Information about Aadhar Card for Child.

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