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Aadhar is a 12 digit Unique Identification Number provided to each and every citizen of India. It is provided based on their Biometric and Demographic Data. All the information related to the Aadhar Card is stored in a Central Database. The whole database is maintained by the Central Government Agency Known as the “Unique Identification Authority of India”. It is also regarded as the world’s biggest national identification number project.



 Aadhar Card

In the year 2013, Supreme Court of India declared that “no person should suffer if he/she doesn’t possess an Aadhar card“, as the Aadhar card is optional and not compulsory. However, in the year 2015, Supreme Court also declared that Aadhar Card will be used for PDS(Public Distribution System), Kerosene and LPG Distribution System and in that too Aadhar Card is not compulsory.As per the Governments Official UIDAI’s Website, 112,01,12,468 number of Aadhar Card have been generated.



Any Citizen of India can enroll for the Aadhar Number. The Citizen has to provide basic Biometric and Demographic Information to the Aadhar Representative at the Aadhar Office. The process of Aadhar is free of cost. An Individual can apply for an Aadhar Card once only. Also after de-duplication, he/she will be able to get only one Aadhar Card as the Uniqueness has to be maintained which is obtained via Users Biometric and Demographic De-Duplication.

Features of Aadhar Card

Some Unique features of Aadhar card are listed below:

  1. Aadhar card is the first Identity proof which contains all proof of Identity Information such as your name, address, birth, age, demographic and biometric data.
  2. It is only the Identity proof which can also be used by Infant.
  3. Aadhar Card can be used as proof of Identity all over the country.
  4. A person can apply for Aadhar card only once.
  5. Aadhar-Card offers a wide range of facilities like opening a bank account, getting LPG subsidy, Obtain Passport, obtain Train Ticket, etc.
  6. Any Citizen can download Aadhar-card all across the country.

What kind of Information is to be given about Biometric and Demographics?

Demographics: You have to provide Information such as Name, DOB(Date of Birth), Gender, Address, Mobile Number and Email ID.
Biometric: You have to provide Scan of Ten Fingerprints, Two Iris Scans, and Facial Photograph.

All the Data of the Aadhar Card is verified Online only. The whole Project is so unique that it removes all the duplicates and fake identities of the people who are illegally trying to acquire various welfare services provided by the government of India. Aadhar is essentially a very strategic tool that can be used for handling various budgets, provide more convenience and promote people-centric governance. Aadhar is also considered as one of the major factors for “Digital India”, where each citizen has been given a unique identity.

Essential Benefits of Aadhar Card

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Aadhar Card

From the beginning of the Aadhar-card project, it’s importance has increased a lot. As per current scenario, Aadhar card will not be useful in future, but it will also become compulsory to get various facilities provided by the Government. Here are some reasons why it is significant:

Get LPG Subsidy using Aadhar Card: As per PAHAL Scheme started by Government, a person can link his Aadhar Card with the bank account to get the LPG subsidy directly in the bank account. However, a person not having Aadhar can’t get this benefit

Portability: Aadhar Card can be used anywhere in the whole country. A particular Beneficiary can contact the central government agency for the identification of a particular person. For all the people who are poor and marginalized, they don’t contain all the documents. In order to receive all the state benefits that are included in “the introducer” system, UIDAI will help all the residents to get benefits.

Direct Benefit Transfer: Using Aadhar Card, the LPG Subsidy will be directly transferred to your Bank Account. For this, you have to link your Aadhar Card and LPG Gas Connection at the Bank.

Jan Dhan Yojna: With the help of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, to open the bank account with zero balance, the only document valid is Aadhar Card. This system is introduced so that all the people of rural areas can avail various services offered by the bank. Other benefits are Accidental Insurance, Rupay Card, etc.

Get Passport Quickly: To get a Passport, we generally have to follow a long procedure which is time-consuming. If you possess an Aadhar Card, you can get your Passport within 10 days. Also, the process of police verification will be done lately. As per the new government rule, to apply for the passport you need Aadhar Card.

Digital Locker: The Government of India has launched “Digital Locker” where you can store various personal documents. To sign up for Digilocker you need to link your 12 Digit Unique Identification Number.

Aadhar card compulsory to buy a new vehicle:  As per new notice by Andhra Pradesh Government, an Aadhar card is must require in order to buy a new vehicle within the state. Also, it is required to issue a driving license.

Monthly Pension: All the pensioners of particular state need to link their Aadhar Card with the respective department to get a monthly pension. This new system is introduced as some of the beneficiaries requesting for pension were fake.

Provident Fund: This is similar to the monthly pension. The provident fund money will be transferred to the Account Holder who links their Aadhar Card with the Employee Provident Fund Organization.

Student Scholarship: All the students who want to receive Scholarship from the government have to compulsory link their Aadhar Card with the bank.

Get a New Sim Card: Government is trying it’s best to make Aadhar-card compulsory to avail new SIM Card. If it happens, then a person without Aadhar can’t get new SIM Card.

Voter Card Linking: From March 2015, all the Aadhar-Card will be linked to your Voter ID. This move is initiated to remove all the bogus voters. Due to this system, a person holding multiple voter ID Cards will not be able to vote twice. To register for Voting, the person needs to be physically present and link his/her Aadhar-Card.

SEBI: Now Aadhar is used as the proof of address by the Securities and Exchange Board of India to open a new account. Until now, it was used as an Identity Proof.

Digital Life Certificate: Under ‘Digital Life Certificate’ or ‘Jeevan Praman for Pensioners’ initiative, the pensioners doesn’t need to physically present at the Agency to acquire the pension. All the details of pensioners will be accessed by Agency Digitally.

Download Aadhar card online: You can download and authenticate Aadhar card online from it’s portal and use it as valid proof of identity all across the country.

Apart from all the above uses, Aadhar card is already being used for various other purposes such as marriage registration, property registration, admission in schools and colleges, applying for PAN Card, and much more.

Do check your Aadhar Status and Download Aadhar

Aadhar Card Download Procedure

Every enrollee is sent a hard copy of his/her Aadhar after a certain number of days from his/her registration. Aadhar creation takes about 2-3 months’ time after which enrollee can also get his Aadhar by following the following steps:

Using Enrolment Id:

  • Then the enrollee must enter his enrolment number given to him at the time of enrolment and the other details asked like name, pin code and mobile number and click on “Validate and Download” tab.
  • The enrollee will be able to see his/her Aadhar card and will get an option to take a print out of the card.

Using Aadhar Number:

  • Enrollee has the option to download Aadhar card using his/her Aadhar number 

Using Mobile Number:

  • The enrollee gets a third option to download his/her Aadhar number using his/her mobile number. This way the Aadhar gets sent to the registered mobile number.

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Aadhar Card Status Check

The enrollee can start checking the status of his Aadhar from after a few days of enrolment. Once the Aadhar is created the enrollee can download it take to print out, and its importance would be same as the government issued Aadhar card. Steps to check Aadhar status:

  • The enrollee must visit the website https://uidai.gov.in/ and click on the link “Check Aadhar ”
  • The enrollee is then asked to enter his full enrolment id as shown in the enrolment slip.
  • Enter the security captcha code as shown on the website and click on “Check ”
  • If the Aadhar is created the enrollee will get to see his Aadhar card online and if not then the message “Your Aadhar is not Created Yet” will be displayed prompting the enrollee to check back later.

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Concerns with Aadhar

Although Aadhar is probably the most important document for a person in India, certain concerns have been raised by people regarding Aadhar.

Concerns about Feasibility: Scholars have raised questions that for this venture the government has spent close to USD 1.3 billion and it was shown as a not profit venture. Yet UIDAI’s work does not end after issuing Aadhar as there are numerous after sale services that need to be provided. Scholars are of the opinion that the expenditure behind maintaining this project may turn out to be more that the amount of black money it can recover.

Lack of Legislative Backing: Aadhar was initially introduced as voluntary but gradually it has been made mandatory. Public interest litigations have been filed against the government in the Supreme Court of India, raising concerns whether UIDAI has a legal allowance to collect citizens’ biometric data.

Data Sharing Concerns: There have been issues which were dragged till courtrooms where law enforcement bodies have asked UIDAI to help them by sharing biometric details of escaped convicts and other “under trial” possible criminals who could be convicted if the data obtained from UIDAI matched the data with the law enforcement bodies. The court allowed UIDAI to do so but UIDAI was not ready and asked the Supreme Court of India to intervene. The Supreme Court overruled the judgment of the earlier court and the data was not shared. However, the reason why it was being asked for in the first place was for the benefit of the society.

Security Concerns with Aadhar Card: Many eminent and respected politicians said that on local levels, to gain political advantage a local councilor can easily arrange a ration card, voter card or councilors letter for an illegal citizen and that would fail Aadhar’s primary motive. Aadhar was introduced primarily to catch illegal immigrants in the country but later many subsidy programs and benefits were added.

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 Aadhar-Card Statistics

As we all know, Aadhar is the world’s biggest biometric project. The Initiative of Aadhar Card was started in 2010. Within 5 years of that Initiative, 100 Crore people have already acquired the Aadhar-Card. In 2015, more than 93% of Indians above 18 years of age possess the Aadhar Card. As per the latest news, more than 1.123 Billion people have already been enrolled for Aadhar. Also, this means that 99% of people having age 18 or above have enrolled for the Aadhar. Aadhar Card has now become mandatory for various purposes such as to apply for Railway Jobs, Book Railway Tickets, Scholarship for Children, LPG Gas Subsidy, etc. To achieve more and more benefits, all the citizens are enrolling for the Aadhar Card. Also, Government is planning to launch Aadhar Pay App using which various transactions can be made digitally.

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Documents Required for Aadhar Card Registration

Here, we will provide you a complete list of documents that are valid for the Aadhar Card Registration. You are required to submit these documents when you are applying for a new Aadhar Card registration or when you want to make any changes in the Current Aadhar card. You can get the complete list from here. Documents Required for Aadhar Card Registration.

Aadhar Card Customer Care Toll-Free Number

Do you want to make any changes in the Aadhar Card? Do you want to have complaints regarding the Aadhar card? Do you have any queries regarding the Aadhar card? Then don’t worry, because, from this link, you will get the complete details about Aadhar Card Customer care Toll-Free number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is eligible for Aadhar Card?

All the Citizens of India are Eligible for the Aadhar Card. Also, NRI and Foreign Citizens who are residing in India can also apply for the Aadhar.

2. Is it Compulsory to enroll for Aadhar?

No, it’s not compulsory to enroll for Aadhar. However, to access various services provided by the government with zero hassle, Aadhar Card is beneficial.

3. Can Aadhar Card be used as a Smart Card?

Aadhar Card is the Unique Identity of a citizen of India which contains a Number. It can’t be used as a smart card.

4. Is there any fee to enroll for Aadhar?

No, it is free of cost. Aadhar Card is free and no fee is charged by the government under this scheme.

5. How can I apply for Aadhar Card?

In order to enroll for Aadhar, you need to visit the nearest Aadhar Registration Office, Fill the Aadhar Registration Form, provide essential documents which represent your identity and provide your Biometric Information. After this process, you will receive acknowledgment number, by which you can check your Aadhar Card status. Within two months of registration, Aadhar Card will be delivered to your Registered Address.

6. Where can I use the Aadhar Number?

Aadhar Number can be used at a numerous number of places such as ticket booking, opening bank account, etc.

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